Friday, 23 May 2014

Review | Crest 3D advanced Professional Effects Whitening Strips

I  have wanted to whiten my teeth for quite some time as I've always felt that my teeth were slightly discoloured and much more 'yellow' compared to other peoples teeth. I had tried whitening toothpastes and even had a go at the whole DIY teeth whitening paste using bicarb soda and lemon, but never really noticed much of a difference. I've never had braces and even though my teeth are in no means particularly crooked, in a world where pretty much everyone these days has perfectly straight teeth, I thought whitening my teeth would be a great confidence boost and a way to make me feel good about my gnashes.

With not much on the Australian market in terms of teeth whitening products and not really having much of a clue as to what brand I should go for, I did what most people do and turned to the internet to figure out what would be the best product for me. The overwhelming consensus seemed to be that the Crest whitening strips is the top dog as far as at home whitening treatments go, and after reading up on a few good reviews I was up for giving it a go. Because Australia does not stock Crest products being an American brand, I had to order mine online. I bought my crest strips from, which I highly recomend as an authentic seller, that provides excellent service, fast shipping ( I received mine after about 3 days) and the pricing is really reasonable (I paid around $70). It is really important that you buy Crest products from a reputable seller as there are so many fakes that are sold online, so you have to be particularly careful on sites like ebay.

There are quite a few different varieties of crest whitestrips to chose from, so deciding on which to go for can be kinda confusing. The strips differ in strength and the length of the treatment, which give results accordingly. Naturally I wanted the the best results for the best value and was tossing up between the Professional Effects and the Advanced Vivid Effects strips, but I found good reviews on both and didn't really know the difference between the two. Finally I found THIS blog post which cleared up all my questions and suggest that you guys read too if you're considering using Crest stips, it's really detailed! Basically they are the exact same thing but because you get 6 more treatments in the Professional effects kit you get whiter results at the end the treatment, however if the Advanced Vivid kit came with the same amount of treatments you would get the same results...if that makes any sense?

The Professional effects is a 20 day treatment that comes with 20 upper and 20 lower strips. To apply the stips, stick the adhesive side which has the whitening bleach to your teeth and fold over the excess to the back of your teeth. Leave the strips on for 30 mins and simply peel them off. I personally didn't experience any sensitivity/ pain at all (which says a lot considering I have weak enamel) however if you do, you can just skip a day or so to let your teeth recover. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that they didn't leave any unpleasant taste in my mouth whatsoever! Everything about these strips tick my boxes and even though I was a bit skeptical at first, I am super impressed with the results! But I'll let you guys be the judge of my new pearly whites...

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