Thursday, 24 April 2014

Trends | A/W 2014

Say good bye to the typical dark and dreary hues this winter, as it it is time to embrace the winter pastels trend. I love how this trend breaks all the rules of the traditional winter colour palette. I think it's a fun way to brighten up those chilly days whilst still remaining warm and cosy. Who ever said pastels were only reserved for spring anyway?
1. Mint fluffy shawl - River Isalnd
2. Pastel yellow clutch - ASOS
3. Mint turtle neck jumper - Portmans
4. Mint pants - ASOS
5. Pink coat - Target
6. Floral pastel platform shoes - ASOS
7. Light blue jumper - Target
8.  Pastel neoprene jacket and skirt - ASOS
9. Pastel pink jeans - Topshop
Different textures always make their way in to current trends and this Autumn/ Winter it's all about the quilted look. I am starting to see quilted clothing hitting the shelves in a lot of high street stores, which is great news as I love the chunky texture it adds.
1. Grey quilt jumper - ASOS
2. Pattered quilt jumper - Target
3. Boots - River Island
4. Bomber jacket - Target
5. Leather top - ASOS
6. Grey Quilt skirt - ASOS
7. Slip on shoes - ASOS
8. Neon Green jumper - Topshop
9. Embroidered quilt jumper - ASOS
Tartan is a pattern that is so classic and will probably never go out of style. However this year in particular it has become a big trend for the colder months. And because of it's versatility and endless style you can afford to invest in some great tartan pieces and not have to worry about it going out of fashion. Tartan comes in many variations of colours and styles so there is something out there to suit everyone's wardrobe.
1.Tartan dress - Missguided
2. Jumper - Target
3. Wrap skirt - Topshop
4. Peter pan collared crop top  - Target
5. Skit with mesh insert  - Missguided
6. Grey tartan dress - ASOS
7. Overalls - ASOS
8. Satchel - ASOS
9. Coat - ASOS

Sunday, 13 April 2014

H&M Australia | Melbourne GPO Opening + Mini Haul

Pictures: David Caird. Source: News Limited
At the beginning of this month, Australia's very first H&M store opened it's doors in the city of Melbourne. The store takes up the whole of Melbourne's GPO building, so as you can Imagine, It's HUGE, and I'm talkin' 3 stories huge! I spent about an hour and a half in there and didn't even see everything! None the less this is great news as it means we get everything H&M has to offer, instead of lucking out and getting the off cuts from overseas (I'm looking at you Zara!). Although I don't really have any other H&M's to compare it to, it seems our Aussie H&M lives up to the name of providing highly fashionable pieces at very low prices!

As with all new stores, can you expect to see a line to get in for the first few days, but  it has now been a little over a week since  it opened and the line for H&M still extends right round the store! I went  two days after it opened and had to queue up for about half an hour, although the line was always moving so it wasn't too bad. However, when I first arrived I took one look at how many people were lining up to get in and contemplated just leaving, but my curiosity to see what was inside was just too strong, so I sucked it up and joined the queue.  

The Interior of the store is very impressive! It's so clean, white and pristine, with the random tree here or there. To me it's almost like shopping in a really high end store but with low prices, so it's the best of both worlds! Although with the amount traffic flowing through the store all day, it was a mess! The racks were really untidy, things were out of place and just shoved anywhere as soon as someone decided that they didn't want them any more! And if you thought you had done your time lining up outside, then think again, because the line for the changing rooms was only slightly better! 

All in all, I highly rate H&M and can see great potential for more stores opening up nation wide. I just can't wait for the day when the craziness has died down and you no longer have to line up to get in, because a) I really want to go back and b) Ain't nobody got time for that!


Black turtle neck jumper - $19.95
Caramel knit jumper - $27.95
Black cami singlet - $39.95
Over the knee socks - $9.95

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Collective Haul | Feat. Target, Sportsgirl, Rubi, Supre, Opp Shop...

Today I'm coming at you with another haul, even though like I said in my last beauty haul,I need to stop with the spending and start with the saving  (I clearly have no self control) *slaps wrist*. 
Aside from that I thought I would show you some of the things that I have recently picked up, just in case you were interested!
Quilted bomber jacket ,white top ,grey quilted top & tartan jeans - Target
New Balance Runners -  Rebel Sports
I don't know if any of you have been to Target recently, but I feel like over the past couple of years they have really stepped up their game! I am loving the new season of clothing that they have brought out, which has left me very pleasantly surprised. It's great that Target is putting in more of an effort to catch on with the season's trends and I found my self wanting to buy a lot more pieces instead of the usual one off gem.
It was also about time I upgraded my 4 year old runners, which desperately needed  to be chucked out! So I picked up these funky New Balance purple runners that have neon green soles and details which are super comfy and I absolutely love!
Green pencil skirt & black top- Sports girl
White top - Supre
Pink sandals & black sandals - Rubi Shoes
Revlon matte balms - Target
I've had a $50 gift voucher for Sportsgirl that has been burning a hole in purse for a while now, so I was happy to finally spend it on this absolutely gorgeous green tropical print midi skirt. I also picked up a couple basic tops, one from Sportsgirl, and a white one from Supre that has rather large slits up either side which reminded me of a tee from the brand Cheap Monday that's of a similar style. 
As summer has come to an end, Rubi shoes is having a great sale on all of their sandals, so naturally I made the most of it and purchased two really cute pairs at $15 each.
I also finally got my hands on a couple Revlon matte balms in 'audacious' and 'unapologetic', which you can expect a blog post about them in the near future!
Bags -  St Vinnies (Op shop)
I have been on the hunt for the perfect vintage op shop handbag, after seeing so many people who have been able to nab really cute and original bags from op shops. I scowered so many op shops and have been really unsuccessful, but the other day when I went into a St Vinnies with high hopes I finally struck gold! Both bags are in perfect condition, aside from the slight unpleasant whiff of mothballs, so if anyone know how to get rid of the smell of mothballs let me know! I bought the navy blue bag on the left for $7 and the smaller bag for $4, talk about bargain!!F