Wednesday, 25 December 2013

REVIEW | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX is a make-up brand that I have only recently discovered this year, and being an American brand it is very hard to come by in Australia. Therefore I decided to purchase my first two soft matte lip creams (San Paulo and Istanbul) on the one and only, ebay. When I first tried them out I instantly fell in love! and when I found out that the brand was finally coming to our shores, being stocked in Target, I was so excited and decided to pick up some more of their products including another soft matte lip cream in the colour Antwerp. The packaging is nothing too special as it looks like your typical run of the mill lip gloss tube and for some reason is slightly different for Istanbul, being the only one in my collection with a neat little description of what the product actually is. It reads "It's not a lipstick nor is it a gloss. It's something you've never experienced before. It's a lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte",which I think sums it up to a T. I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks and so this product is a winner for me. It has a doe foot applicator which spreads the product very smoothly and evenly on to the lips. Once applied it is so soft and creamy and it honestly feels like your not wearing anything on your lips! when it begins to dry it looks completely matte yet maintains that soft feeling, however I must say after a couple of hours it does tend to sit in the cracks of your lips so I would suggest wearing a lip balm underneath it if you are prone to dry lips.
The pigmentation is also amazing, with only one swipe you get instant colour pay off. But I cannot talk about this product without mention the scent. It is amazing. They have a rich vanilla scent that smells soo yumy!! If you are not one for scented products it may be a bit off-putting but it fades really quickly after application. The longevity of the lip creams is also really awesome (as long as you don't eat of course) lasting up to about 4-5 hours without touch-ups.


Istanbul is a very soft, baby pink shade and also very flatting for most skin colours, which is great as it is hard to find lighter lipstick shades that suit my fair skin and won't wash me out. This colour is great for make-up looks that involve a dark, cool toned smoky eye for night outs or worn simply with minimal make-up for summery days .


I would describe Antwerp as a pinky coral colour, and also seems to be the most popular shade in the entire range. I can certainly see why! this lipstick shade is absolutely perfect for the summer months and will no doubt be sported on my lips throughout the season! I find this shade extremely wearable and gives a pop colour to an otherwise boring outfit.

San Paulo 

San Paulo is a pinky, raspberry colour and although it is not as dark on the lips as it appears in the tube, it is slightly darker in real life than what the photo suggests. This is also a shade that would be greatly suited to any skin colour and a hue that wouldn't look out place no matter what season. I find this colour very easy to wear, whether it be pared with plain/ neutral outfits or fun, bright prints and is a shade that I reach to if I am looking for a pop of colour.    

There's not much to hate about these lippies, they are great quality for the low price of $12.95, they come in a variety of colours and as you can tell, are highly pigmented, the scent is delicious, its comfortable and has a matte finish. Out of the three shades I own, I cannot possibly choose a favourite as they are all so unique in their own right! I definitely suggest picking these up next time you stop by target, they are a great addition to your make-up collection so its worth giving them a go, trust me you wont regret it!!

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