Saturday, 2 August 2014

Review | Chi Chi Bronzes Eyeshadow Palette

I've had my eye on the highly raved about naked palettes for quite sometime now but, the cheapskate in me can't seem to bring itself to pay over 50 bucks for an eyeshadow palette. I know what you're thinking; seriously Jane it's really not that much given you get 12 beautiful and high quality shades, but...ehhh! But after looking for adequate dupes I stumbled across one recommended by youtube beauty guru, Shaaanxo who gave her approval of the much cheaper Chi Chi eyeshadow palettes. So I took it upon myself to try out the Chi Chi Bronzes palette and I must say.. im impressed!

The Chi Chi palettes come in a few different variations but the Bronzes palette really stood out to me, and for anyone else with blue eyes I really recommend you try it out as well, the warm and reddish hues really makes your eyes pop! The palette set me back about $14 on sale from around $20, which is not too shabby if i do say so myself! All twelve shades are really pigmented and I didn't experience any fall out, which is a plus! Although I am prone to the old oily eyelid situation, and if you are too, then I would suggest wearing some sort of primer underneath as I did find by the end of the day the colour had begun to slip away!

 Although it probably wouldn't be as fabulous as the Urban Decay naked palettes, I still give this palette a big thumbs up! 

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